We’ve all been there.

Corporate or Government BS is totally infuriating. A quick tweet to the offender will feel good. But then you have this bad feeling sitting on your twitter feed with all that lovely internet permanence. Future employers might think you’re just a grumpy complainer without ever seeing the usually happy go lucky, keep moving forward, version you normally are. If you’re lucky the object of your ire will clean up their act and then you can tweet a heartfelt thank you… but this ┬áis rare unfortunately.

So this is where TodayIBlame.com comes in. Register and create a blog of your blame and suffering, preferably with some form of humor too. We’ll publish it and tweet it to you to the object of blame. Job done. TodayiBlame spreads its broad, thick skinned shoulders and, without fear, tells it how it is.

You don’t need to and probably shouldn’t use a username that let’s people know who you are. We need to have your email address but that’s all and we ain’t sharing it.